Safety - Accuracy - Efficiency

"SAR" has vast experience in providing its customers with comprehensive transportation services, including freight transport, heavy transport of minerals, petroleum, petrochemicals, and container transport, through an integrated and safe network that works according to the best international standards.

Based on its capabilities in the logistical sector, SAR contributes to the achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which aims to make the Kingdom a global logistical hub linking the three continents of the world (Asia, Africa and Europe), by providing competitive transport services with an added economic value, in addition to developing innovative concepts of shipping, handling and warehousing, in connection with the relevant authorities and institutions and partners in the private sector, to facilitate various transportation operations.

The company is employing great efforts to make import and export operations more streamlined and easy, by reshaping the governance structures and regulations for the logistics sector, in addition to developing regulations and systems for the services it provides in line with the best international standards, especially the list of goods transportation.